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Customer experience Solutions 

One of the leading telecom players in India is looking to adopt new age solutions in multiple fields and as solutions to internal business and challenges. 

Solutions in the domain of  customer experience, retention, process improvement and VAS/applications.

Bots- Voice, email or chatbots

As the organization is moving aggressively on technological advances, they are already using AI technology such as virtual assistants, chatbots, and tools to improve customer experience and satisfaction. However, with the evolving needs of AI/ML,  especially trainability, manpower behind solutions, agility and cost efficiency become critical factors on all operational decisions and customer experience.  The solutions that could handle functional needs of telecom customers, with wide base millions of users. 

The basic requirements are as follows:

  • Plug -in with minimal effort and cycle time to deployment 

  • Flexible pricing structures to enable efficiency at large volumes

  • Scalability of the solutions

  • Minimal training requirements for the bots - especially new language introductions.  

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Process Automation 

The organization already has adoption rates for RPA technology. They are looking for solutions with  high levels of scalability and agility to take over the repetitive and rule-based tasks or processes. This solution should have the right tools to easily manage back-office work such as maintaining data integrity and security, employee salaries, marketing, and advertising. 

The solution must offer the following: 

  • Current capabilities of deployment in Telecom environment 

  • Agility and understanding of multiple environments for widespread usage across functions

  • Efficient pricing model 

  • Flexibility and easy change management

  • Scalability across organizations with large employee set.   

We welcome solutions in the domain of telecom beyond above mentioned problem statements, we would be happy to explore and present the solutions for non pre-empted problem or opportunity areas. 

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