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Our mission is to build the most active global community, with connections over 10,000 opportunities across global business ecosystem.
Presenting opportunities not only to Indian startups, but also innovators across the world.  
The leaders to offer, subject matter expertise, ability to build relevant solutions, right introductions and appropriate resource creation.

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Amitabh Sinha 

Co-Founder. Chairman

Amitabh Sinha is a serial entrepreneur, building organizations and ecosystems, he has been a guiding light to multiple MSMEs and Startups, who strongly believes that Small businesses represent the backbone and the tapestry of the Indian industrial growth story and have driven India’s growth with a firm focus on quality, productivity, innovation, transparency, international standards and employment generation.


Mukesh Malik 


Mukesh Malik is an entrepreneur, who has learnt business management through on the ground practices and implementation by some wonderful mentors. He strongly believes in structured as well as on the ground leaning, especially in the highly dynamic and innovative world today, with the experience of 20 years and 100+ organizations, working towards building a world class business ecosystem, beyond geographical boundaries.

Our Industry Council

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Shabir Momin 

Zenga TV, One Digital, Startup Funding

Abhijeet Sinha

Director - Ease of Doing Business, NHEV

Vivek Dahiya

Intellectual Property & Innovation Strategist, Australia

Amit Saneja

Sr. Partner GKConsulting, Ex- MTS, ICICI Prudential

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The Cohort process

Committed to Excellence

The guidance process

The Process helps the product or service owners to shape the offering to specific industry or organization need through appropriate interface built through our guides. 

  • Evaluation and co-creating corporate commitments toward customization/upgrades of the products 

  • Right introduction and product/service adjustments to calibrate the needs of clients and solutions 

  • Monitor the progress and functional inputs for solution development

  • Building a referral structure for to manage and understand introduction, acceptance/ modifications/adjustments

  • Getting the solution in the right room across the table with decision makers. 

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