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Building Indian opportunities for Australian Edtech innovations

Australian Edtech innovations 

Australian government have been supporting edtech startups, especially NSW government is encouraging the startups to build a technology transfer & services export ecosystem to leverage India opportunity. We in partnership with StartupIPteam, & Boudhik ventures are building a landing pad for Australian startups in India through ecosystem partnerships and market creation. So we invite all possible partners to fill up the form below

Image by Srikant Sahoo

Value creation 

Growth Kinetics has been a growth partner for many startups and ecosystem bodies in India. We bring the access to complimenting technologies and ecosystem for launching global technologies in India. Some of the important considerations 

  • Assessment & alignment of technology in Indian market 

  • Building GTM for the identified and onboarded businesses/ technologies/ Solutions

  • Identification of partnerships in Indian ecosystem  

Image by Riccardo Annandale

Implementation support 

The trio of Growth Kinetics, StartupIPteam Australia and Boudhik ventures, bring diverse ecosystem and strategic capabilities for the program execution. The resources have been built and supported by NSW government through various schemes, including grants for business launch in India. Fill up the form below to explore and understand the possibilities and our team will get in touch

Image by Maarten van den Heuvel

Share your details 

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