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Real Estate Innovation 

Construction Management

Operations management in Construction is divided into two parts, enabling the construction management through engineering & innovation in construction technology, the other is to be with efficient data recording and management to ensure project management on track.  Some of the requirement are as below

Engineering/ Cohesive solutions

  • Certified engineering solutions that can bring the costs & still offer engineering capabilities as required by the client 

  • Equipment management/ shared economy solutions, that can enable better cost management & leverage innovative equipment

  • Simulation and construction management to understand the impact of structural changes.

  •  AR/VR solutions, that can help in sales process with the realtors and construction organizations. 

  • Solutions that can benchmark the pricing in similar construction structures & optimize BoQs

  • IoT Solutions for construction management, Quality testing and data recording 

  • Solutions that can train the staff and manage Site efficiently.   

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Data Management

  • Solutions that can help building efficient project plans 

  • Identify and raises gaps in work allocation methods or user creation along with right work breakdown structure

  • Correlation of timelines & effort with BoQ/BoM or initial estimation submitted at the time of tender submission

  • Data collection capability by the last mile user, directly reporting through the system and not offline methods 

  • Reporting & red flags along with execution management along with time, cost or quality impact 

  • Holistic workflow for engagement with internal and external staeholders to have end-to-end management of solutions. 

  • Ese of usage, training and data extraction for analytics.

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Sales Management

The real estate sales are a long and engaging cycle, the decision making by the customer depends upon various factors including competition and ability to purchase in the defined segment. We are looking for big data solutions in terms of consumer analytics, campaign effectiveness and engagement of the prospects during the sale. 

  • Solutions that can understand click tracking effectively and build re targeting strategy, that can help build the solutions, products, offers and enable sales 

  • The solutions that could enable credit assessment online through financial API integration or internal repositories t understand the effort and success probability of sale. 

  • The solution needs to enable AR/VR experience for simulation and user excitement to generate interest 

  • Picking up comparative data through aggregation model to rank and efficiently present the probability of pursuit. 

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Image by Jason Briscoe

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You may share your solutions in real estate industry for the opportunities mentioned above or solutions which may have wider scope.


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