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A program defined by Growth Kinetics to leverage potential of our entrepreneur community and innovators, who wish to build solutions, which are scalable & useful to Indian & global markets.

P2K, is a structured program, that engages the ecosystem, to provide 3600 support to the solution builders

The program helps the startups to build an interface with the relevant partners, associations, enablers and with the defined outcome. 

Partnerships with the investors, corporate, Incubators, accelerators & Institutions will go a long way in building a sustainable & growing ecosystem. 

The Process 

  1. Submit the application with the business interest & Priorities 

  2. Evaluation by & Presentation to industry experts, Investors, incubation centers and institutes 

  3. Opportunity to get selected for 10 hours of entrepreneurship development program  by various industry experts 

  4. Selection for working opportunity with: 

  • 25 distinguished industry experts and evaluators 

  • 50 investment professionals/ organizations with capital access of more than Rs. 500 Crores 

  • Product development opportunity with Government supported or Corporate incubators/ accelerators 

Project Span




Selected startups will be trained



Who should apply 

  • Idea stage startups with idea, which may have gone beyond the stage of prototype. Startups, who could be looking for initial support and can benefit through our incubation partners and seed stage/Angel investors.

  • Early stage startups, who have not only worked on ideas, but also validated through PoC, tested the markets & have the product/ service in a marketable stage. revenue would help the stakeholder decision on further participation

  • Growth Stage startup, who have already commercialized the product, built a business model, which has been tested and can be developed in the future. Important considerations are revenue, technology/ business validation   

Applications open until 30th September 2022

Submit your application

Business Need
Current Annual Revenue

Thanks for submitting!

The Evaluation group 

Amitabh Sinha_edited.jpg

Amitabh Sinha 

Meetingsandoffices, Growth Kinetics

Pradeep Sir.png

Pradeep Lokhande 

rural relations

Sumit Puri.jpg

Sumit Puri 

Synergy Digital, Evercare group, Max healthcare

Anish Agarwal.jpg

Dr. Anish Aggarwal

Dr. Reddy's 

Ajeet Khurana.jpeg

Ajeet Khurana

Investor, Web3.0, Zebbpay, SINE 

Bhavesh Kothari.jpg

Bhavesh Kothari

Billenium Divas

Girish Shivani.jpg

Girish Shivani


Amit SInghal.jpg

Amit Singhal 

Fluid Ventures

SR2 2021.jpg

Shashank Randev


profile pic final_page-0001.jpg

Dr. Sabine Kapasi

United Nations - emergency response

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-01 at 3.18.00 PM.jpeg

Anil Taneja 

Venture Catalyst

Umesh Uttamchandani.jpg

Umesh Uttamchandani


Vikram Duggal.png

Vikram Duggal

Ekcle Ventures