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IP Services
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One team behind successful startups across the globe with an accumulated valuation of $100+ million

We look for early-stage ideas to partner for their growth. We believe in creating innovative products and services to solve the actual existing problems through collaborations.

Being a part of several successful startups, we have deep experience in working and providing teach development services as a partnership. We collaborate to transform fragile idea in mind of founders into a fortunate product through funding. With our distinct delivery approach, tech talent, innovative strategy and business acumen, we’ve been able to support companies sailing from local to global within very short span of time.

IP Monetization 

IP is one of the most important vertical, which defines the valuation of any organization.  Intellectual property is one of the underrated assets created by all organizations, However, it is the underlying product/service philosophy for most of the organizations 

Most of the large organizations are on the lookout of new innovations, intelligence that can be embedded into their current solutions, offering to the clients.  We as your partner, assist you in identifying the possibilities of extracting appropriate value of the IP generated by your organization. 

Lets have a chat to explore and build, 

  • If, your IP is scalable and can be licensed to the right industry and organizations. 

  • Develop a product diversity, using your internal capabilities and identify the partners to build and market the products 

  • Possibilities of merger or acquisition by a scale organization to expand the horizon of your IP. 

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Image by Riccardo Annandale

Idea to MVP Journey

It all starts with an Idea, as they say, yet it requires to cover the distance for it to become a reality. Our services support the idea journey through the following steps 

  • Idea evaluation: Our team comprising of experts, can help you identify the potential & extract the IP from the idea, as part of the discovery. Which can be patented

  • Expert intervention: Translation of idea into a workable product, through Industrial design & intervention through our partners 

  • Industrial lab support: Our partners offer product development and design for the IP. 

  • Product/Service Patent: Obtaining patent on the product/ design for it to become scalable and create monetizable opportunities 

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