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Our associations and access to the industry requires multiple innovative solutions in the file of customer experience, acquistion and Operational excellence.
Some illustrations could be AI based voice bots, RPA solutions and innovative branding or marketing solutions 
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BFSI Solutions 

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Our Partners are looking for innovation in the space of acquisition, credit management, underwriting, claims management, retention and support across customer lifecycle management. 
The opportunities span across leading insurance players, banks, financial institutions, Investment organizations and a large ecosystem, that can not only absorb solutions, but also sponsor it through multiple programs 
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Technology Solutions

Technology ecosystem is undergoing big change, along with the changing environment. Most of the organizations are looking inwards and working towards cost optimization. 
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Electric Vehicles

India is aiming to build world's biggest National Highway for Electric Vehicles, we have partnered with the team to identify the innovation in the field of EV manufacturing, battery management, Customer experience, entertainment, branding management etc. Please click below for more information or submitting your solutions

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Real estate

Innovation in project management, inventory management and sales are welcome. The industry is undergoing huge change that allows the entry for contactless solutions, shared economy, sales or efficient inventory sales or utilization 
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With changing times and the industry, small businesses have acknowledged the need of digitalization for scale and sustenance in the markets. We require solutions which are easy to use and require minimal change management. The deployment engages Industrial bodies and consortiums. 
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