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Go-to-Market Services 

Most of the businesses assume that a mere business introduction ensures  business development & sales cycle may takes its own course. With numerous startup interventions, we have seen that the business owners try to push sale immediately, without working on building the market needs. 

With our network of more than 200 enterprises & 5,000+ startups, we enable the organizations with an ecosystem that will help them build sustained markets, engagement and use cases. The ecosystem has already supported business worth $7,00,000+  for solutions/innovations working across multiple industries. 

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Building Markets 

  • Use case alignment: Our network and functional expertise works on alignment of use cases for the service solutions through the following methods:

    • Existing use cases & markets: Understanding the use cases deployed already by the organization and replicate the expertise among competing client set or geographies, as white spaces.

    • Identification of new implementation opportunities: The technology always has more than one utilization opportunity than its cause of origin, our functional experts help identify such opportunities and activate them with minimal/optimal modification.

  • Product Market Alignment: Understanding of any changes/modifications in product features, pricing, Go-to-market strategy.

    • Pricing: Any changes/modification/ reworking on pricing/engagement models with the proposed client list/markets.

    • Features: Highlighting certain features and smart representation of capabilities basis client/prospect requirements

    • Go-To-Market: Recommendations and participation in the current strategy, such as introduction of prospects through current activations events hosted by partners. Building focused campaigns with breaching the current budgets and benefiting the partner organization beyond the scope of engagement.  

Introduction & adoption

  • Industry introduction: Our network of sales experts, help us identify the solutions & opportunities for our partners. The steps of the engagement post introduction shall follow the standard sales cycle of evaluation, POC, Commercial arrangements/agreements, deployment, and servicing.

    • Some of the learnings has helped us understand that all solutions require some level of customization for any/every organizational alignment, hence its prudent to have the right expectations of acceptable modifications in the current line of products.

    • There is a defined review framework post 3 introductions to understand right fitment of industry/role/technology and use case.

  • Sales Facilitation: Supporting the partner team with sales facilitation for any expectation mismatch/ use case understanding/ pricing negotiation/ contract closure etc.

    • Reworking/modification in the current pricing model/sales pitch as per the industry client/ business case requirements.

    • Bringing efficiencies in the sales cycle through priority deployment of solutions

  • Negotiations to extract best LTV from the clients.

Image by Chenyu Jiang
Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Distribution Services 

Distribution services with the scale are every organization's requirement . Our networks and distribution set ups & network enables the startups to get right exposure and access to the markets.  The diverse network enables the startups  with the following: 

  • B2B network: Diversity through our network of clients from a list of 200+ enterprises, ex-CXOs across 20 industries. 

  • Rural marketing network: Our partnership with organizations, enables access to rural India in 11 states and counting 

  • Schools: The partnership with the Principals' association and  schools allows access to 1700+ schools in 27 countries and 300+ colleges, especially for edtech products. 

  •  Overseas Network:  Our partnerships in Singapore, Middle east, Australia  & Canada, helps startups get the right partnerships and possibilities.

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