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Funding Services

Business Models 

We have observed that most of the innovative startups build great solutions, however, they take much longer to align themselves with the right business models. The models normally picked up from market benchmarks and may or may not have the right relevance and effectiveness of the designed solution.  
We, at GK, help the startups with the definition of right business models, financial model, valuation approach and the right funding requirements and allocation of funds. Pitch decks are only an outcome of the right business model and not the other way round, so the startups get the following: 

  • Documents defining the business models, approach and market sizing 

  • Financial Model defining the right projections and valuation structure 

  • Instrument through a video/ static pitch deck to present to the investors

Funding Support 


Deal Structuring 

Deal Closure 

  • Introduction to the investor, Corporate Suitors, Possible acquiring or associating organizations through the network available at The Service Provider or the extended business network

  • Participation in the discussions and advisory on deal structure, valuation & negotiation of term sheet

  • Advisory and participation in discussion during Due Diligence being conducted by the investors/Auditors.

  • Building data rooms and documentation to support Due diligence and facilitating any audit/information/ data requirements raised by other parties

  • Advisory in building a working agreement between both the parties.

  • Deal closure with appropriate business alignment

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