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NHEV - Delhi Jaipur Highway

Our government is working on one of the most ambitious project across the world to build the longest EV supported highway in the world, Delhi-Jaipur-Delhi. 

Ease of doing business have built a highly focused team under the leadership of Mr. Abhijeet Sinha, to lead all the initiatives and build ecosystem around adoption of EVs. The team has built a model of AHEM to allow the participation of innovators through agile policy implementations and bringing opportunities to them. 

The solutions that can support vehicle management, telematics, Battery management, solutions supporting customer experience during halts on the way. 

All Solution in the following sections and not just limited to the list are welcome with the relevance of EV adoption in the country 


Solutions in Focus

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IoT Solutions 

Building interface and communication between the machine and data is one of the most critical requirement for EV ecosystem. We invite applications and the opportunity to work with NHEV and build an impactful workable solution. 
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Energy efficient solutions 

Bringing the best mileage has always been a requirement for building confidence in EV adoption. We welcome solutions in battery technology, Battery Management systems, swapping or charging technology for live PoCs

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Intelligent solutions, that can enhance the range of vehicles, with effective diagnostics to meet the 30 minute service guarantee on the Highway. An or all solutions with the capability to integrate, retrofit and enhance vehicle capabilities.

Image by Alexander Schimmeck

AI/ML Solutions 

We have the advantage of living in the age of data collection and capture, the initiative shall generate data at all levels. We are looking for solutions, that can build and manage the actions through artificial intelligence solutions, manage the predictability and traceability of the fleet

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In transit or Inflight solutions 

Solutions that can make the journey comfortable & enjoyable for the passengers availing EV fleet services. They may comprise of Hospitality, inflight entertainment and even on location/site hospitality of the passengers.

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Servicing & repairs 

Fleet management require on the site servicing and repairs support. Solutions and support that can manage the 30 minute service guarantee promised at NHEV. We are looking forward to onboard solutions that can support the vision

The Process 

We are inviting innovators and solutions from the open world, which would go through a rigorous evaluation process, so that the opportunities generated for all good and relevant solutions. The process & the timelines are as below: 

Date of opening applications: 10th November 2021 

Last Date of submission of applications: 31st December 2021 

The Process is as follows: 

  • The applications will be submitted by the solution providers latest by 31st December 2021 

  • Shortlisting of top 30 startups shall be done by preliminary evaluation committee

  • Demo day pitching by the selected startups to respective stakeholders/users for business prospects 

  • Selection and finalizing the top 10 startups for solution alignment

  • Business orientation and contracting process for the selected startups with the awarded contracts.

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