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BFSI Opportunity areas

Presenting the opportunity to showcase your solutions to the leading financial institutions from India and beyond. Our network and associations help you portray the innovations and solutions to Banks, Insurance companies, Supporting organizations and Fintech organizations. 

Our ecosystem helps you with co-creation and building/ modify the solutions for identified problem statements and future opportunities. 

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BFSI industry is more open to innovation than ever before, in these changing times, irrespective of the size and scale of the organizations, its easier to open dialogues and test the solutions in real life & challenging environment
We welcome startups with the possibilities of solving problems or anticipate future possibilities & opportunities in BFSI domain. 
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Persistency Management - Insurance 

One of the leading insurance companies in India is looking for solutions, that can help them with increased persistency ratios & are open to explore current regime of AI/ML based customer communication and retention methodologies. 

The solutions should be able to help with the following requirements in and/or fashion:

  • Communication interface with the customer through multiple medium, voice/chat/text/ email, with no or minimal human intervention. 

  • Close the loop with the follow up, presenting payment interface or diverting the interaction to fulfillment team managing multiple payment modes 

  • Reports with inn depth analysis of red flags and success probability. 

  • Trainable systems too build in exceptions through process learning curve 

  • Hosting possible in-house or subscription based model 

  • Meeting security criteria and standards for BFSI implementations in India.   

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Fund Management

Fund Management 

Leading insurance company, (a subsidiary of one of the biggest banks in the country), is looking for innovation in fund allocation processes and systems, innovation that can predict better returns, compliances, assist the treasury operations and manage the process end to end. 

  • The system's ability to manage end-to-end investment Financial Asset Management Solution related processes in Insurance industry

  • Execution of all Front Office, Mid Office Back Office and other eco system in executing deals

  • Use cases implemented across ecosystem as reference point shall be useful

  • Agile Change management of systems & Processes

  • The feature list should meet or go beyond capabilities on Financial Asset Mgmt System SAP or mFund Plus or mPower or Bloomberg

  • Supports standardization of technical and business requirements templates and inputs

  • Compliance and audit requirements of the Financial Asset Management Solution process as per IRDA and SEBI For insurance industry

  • Reports and analytics to highlight red flags and process improvement requirements 

  • Project Mgmt and monitoring critical path and dependences on project deliveries

anticipate future possibilities & opportunities in BFSI domain. 

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